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2018 New Zealand Stockcar Title - Finals Nightay 

Please read terms and conditions before purchasing a Live Video Stream - Scroll down once you have read terms and conditions to purchase.


The Pits TV live streams .. What you need to know:

The Pits TV streams this year are not like they were last year with a new and easier platform for the people who want to stream. We have changed to the worlds largest server provider with nodes all over the world including several in New Zealand which equates to reliable and good quality streams.. but there is a few things we need to let you no...

1: The Pits TV will be streaming out at between 1.5mbs to 1.8mbs. If your internet speed is not at least 3-5mbs download then dont bother buying the stream. I would strongly suggest you head to You are looking at the download speed.

2: You could possibly get away with a slower internet speed of around 3mbs but make sure you disconnect everything off the wifi.

3: With the modem/routers that the internet companies supply in New Zealand, they tend to be low quality and do not like having multiple devices on them. If you have your iPad, phone, computers etc connected to them and the content starts to glitch .. disconnect everything off wifi except the device you are streaming with.

4: All streams can be found at

5: The prices for the streams are in US Dollars as we use a US server.

6: You can stream on any device including most smart tvs. We would recommend that if you are wanting to buy a stream to view on a smart tv then use your computer to purchase the stream.. log out .. then log on to your smart TV's web browser and put the details in.

7: Be mindful that The Pits TV is filming for a TV show at the event and will offer zero support. I strongly recommend that you sign up well and truly in advance of the meeting to avoid the disappointment of not being able to watch because you couldn't figure it out. Full support can be found at with a live chat facility included.

8: Keep an eye on our facebook page (The Pits Media) for any updates in relation to a stream. We will not answer any private messages.

9: In the unlikely event of a failure, The Pits TV will not refund straight away until we have looked into the problem.

10: Remember ... If you have a problem and your the only one experiencing an issue.. Then you are the problem .. not us.

11: As per every other season.. The Pits TV is backed by large telecommunications companies and if we investigate and find there was an issue with our service, we will then refund on the Monday following the event. Don't panic .. we wont rip you off.

12: Abuse on our facebook page will not be tolerated and if you are seen to be doing this.. I will have no hesitation in banning you from the facebook page and any future live streams. There is ZERO tolerance for abuse.

13: No track or its promotion has anything to do with the running of or the delivery of the stream. Under no circumstances can any promotion or club be approached about the stream whether it be quality or content. All measures are taken to ensure there is no swearing or content unsuitable for youngsters however, there is the odd character in our sport and viewer discretion is advised. You cannot complain to the Broadcast Standards Authority as its a private stream but all streams will have a rating of PG. Parental Guidance is recommended.

14: Even though you may have Fibre or VDSL, this does not always guarantee a good quality stream. If you are the only person experiencing problems, it may be that your Internet Service Provider is experiencing network congestion. This is more likely to happen on smaller internet service providers and very rarely happens on the major players such as Spark or Vodafone. Be aware of this.

15: You will note that it will say live access for 24 hours... This is to do with the live streaming only and is not an On Demand access. The Pits TV does not do On Demand content due to the agreement with our partners

16: Please double check that the live stream you are trying to buy is the correct one. We will not refund anyone that buys a stream by mistake as it costs us to ask for that refund as its a transfer from overseas. We will only refund when there is a technical issue beyond our control. This does not include issues that you have at your end due to isses with your ISP.

17: If you have any problems with the above content and statements .. DO NOT BUY OUR STREAMS!!!!

Once again full support can be found at

If you agree to all these terms and conditions, then please proceed with signing in.... Thanks

How to sign up for a live stream.

1: Click on $$ USD for 24 Hours of Access

2: If you have been given a promo code, then enter, if not then click submit

3: Enter a valid email address

4: Confirm your email address (PLEASE NOTE.. You cannot copy and paste it, you MUST manually type it out again)

5: If you have already registered an email with us, then simply login.

6: You will be prompted for credit card details. Fill in information correctly

7: If you are successful, you will see another screen that says "Watch Now" on one side or "Watch Later" on the other. Please click "Watch Now"

8: Enjoy

Watch video below to learn how to sign up for a live stream if you are a New User