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Welcome to the web site of The Pits Media.

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The Pits Media is based off to media platforms. First, The Pits FM Radio Show that runs on a Thursday night in Invercargill and is broadcast on the 107.7FM frequency in the Deep South and also live streamed on this web site via the Live Audio Tab. The Pits FM is based of New Zealand Speedway related content with interviews covering the governing body right down to competitors and officials. The Pits FM has been on air since 2010 and has a large listener base both live and with the OnDemand services. The Pits FM also runs as a fully functioning radio station with wide music mixes that runs 24/7. Click on the Live Audio Tab to find out how you can listen to The Pits FM


The second part of The Pits Media is The Pits TV. Established in 2014, The Pits TV owns its own broadcast van and travels to Speedway tracks to record speedway for its own TV Show that runs on Face TV on Sky Channel 83 here in New Zealand and then through to our OnDemand Services. The Broadcast Van is a Full HD unit with full replay facilities and is worked by volunteers who are passionate about capturing speedway for TV.  The Pits TV is supported by some fantastic companies who help us to make doing the job a lot easier. The Pits TV Show runs on a Wednesday night at 8pm and then is replayed on a Thursday at 2am and 8am with a final screening on Sunday at 10pm.


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