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To listen to live Streams CLICK HERE

Read below on how to stream


Important information that you need to know:

The Pits radio station can be heard in many different ways. Listed below are the ways to best listen to the streams that we provide. If you are in Invercargill, then you can tune up to the 107.7fm on your radio. we are low powered FM and may not be heard in all areas. Alternately you can go to one of the following:


Mobile Phones and iPads/iPhones: go to your Playstore (if on Android) or App Store (if on apple). Search Tunein and when result comes, download it. Once open, go to the search in program and type in the pits. It will then start.

You can also go direct to the Tune In web site where you can listen no problem at all:

The 3rd way is if you have a media player on your computer. Winamp seems to be the most popular. By clicking the link below, this will just load your player only and the stream will start:






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